Knit Chunky Cowl Pattern

This is a very versatile pattern.  You can use different weights of yarn to achieve the same look.  The scarf is made with one of my favorite stitches, seed stitch.  I love the simple texture that the stitch makes.

If you use:

Super bulky yarn - you will use 1 strand of yarn

Bulky yarn - you will hold 2 strands of yarn together 

Worsted weight yarn - you will hold 3 strands together




Size 13 needles

350 yards of Super Bulky

(2 times that for Bulky or Chunky, 3 times that for worsted weight yarn)

Cast on 16 sts (if you want an even wider scarf cast on 18 or 20 sts)

Row 1: k1, p1 repeat to the end

Row 2: p1, k1 repeat to the end


Continue until the scarf is the size you want.  The one shown was 50 inches long.


Sew edges togther to make it a circle scarf, weave in ends.